The 4 Roman Symbols

The Labyrinth was a symbol worn to trap evils spirits and protect their wearer from harm. The evil can never escape the puzzle of the Labyrinth.

The Owl of Minerva was a symbol associated with the Goddess, Minerva, and the wearer is said to receive great wisdom and knowledge from her. 

The Oak Tree was a symbol that meant strength, power, and endurance for Romans. It would be worn to prove you are an unshakable force in adversity.

The Scorpion was the symbol of Rome’s most elite soldiers, the Praetorian Guard. They used it to strike fear into their enemies, a mark of their skill and strength. 


How the Varnos is made

Through our study of the origin of wristwear, we learned about multiple ancient civilizations. We found that the use of gemstones, precious metals, and cultural symbols defines jewelry for humankind.

We have taken those timeless foundations and combined them with state-of-the-art crafting techniques and contemporary design.

It starts with a raging molten fire to smelt the silver to do the bidding of its maker. Pouring the scaldingly hot liquid into its mold that has been perfected over months. Abrupt cooling hardens the silver into a rough preliminary shape.

Now an expert silversmith starts the polishing process, surprisingly gentle for someone with big battered and scarred hands, a sign of skill and experience among artisans.

This process is repeated until slowly, a shape starts to emerge from the crude pieces of silver.

These segments of silver are then sent to other artisans. A stone master has been carefully preparing his gemstones, fashioning them into a unique rose-cut cushion. Now the time has arrived to set the stones on the silver segment, delicately balancing the strength of the hold and maximizing the amount of gemstone shown.

These modern-day pieces of craftsmanship are waiting to be put together to the exact wrist size of their future owner. Individually, they are a sign of skill and mastery; together, they form an unending circle of the human drive to grow and expand.