The journey

When first thinking about the Varnos collection, we began a quest to discover the origins of jewelry and studied a multitude of ancient civilizations.

Wherever we looked we saw that they all used gemstones, precious metals and cultural symbols. These elements define what fine jewelry is for humankind.

Each Varnos is handcrafted by our Master Silversmith with all of these elements in mind.


The Tree of Life

was a symbol that meant strength, power, and endurance for Romans. It would be worn to prove you are an unshakable force in adversity.


The Labyrinth

was a symbol worn to trap evils spirits and protect their wearer from harm. The evil can never escape the puzzle of the Labyrinth.


The Owl of Minerva

was a symbol associated with the Goddess, Minerva, and the wearer is said to receive great wisdom and knowledge from her.


The Scorpion

was the symbol of Rome’s most elite soldiers, the Praetorian Guard. They used it to strike fear into their enemies, a mark of their skill and strength.